Antone's Beginning

As a young girl during the 1940's, my mother, Helen Scianna, began cooking and creating many recipes that are still famous throughout the Mahoning Valley.

In 1950, she opened a small bar and grille called The Manila Grille.  

Helen had an incredible love for food as well as an unforgettable gift of creating beautiful food presentations.

Even though she loved entertaining for her family and friends at home and at the Manila Grille, she knew she wanted more.  She desired to share her food with the world and after much incredible determination and perseverence, her dream was born.  In 1961, Helen opened the first Antone's Confetti Lounge  located on Market Street and Chalmers.

I still use her famous recipes that she created over 53 years ago at our Antone's Restaurant  today.  Some of these famous homemade items include:  Antone's Spaghetti Sauce, Antone's Salad, Cavatelli, Chicken Parmigiana, Briccole, Wedding Soup, Tomato Basil Soup, Fried Cheese, and many other wonderful dishes.

One of my mother's traditions at home was to serve her Antone's Salad (known as The Monkey Salad) every night.  She always believed that when a customer came in to the restaurant, they should never be without food.  Upon coming into her restaurant, she always made sure you immediately reveived dinner rolls with a monkey dish  of Antone's Salad.  A lot of customers will still ask me how the Monkey Salad name originated and I tell them that "monkey" is actually the name of the bowl the salad is served in.  Because we served so many of these salads, the customers just started referring to it as "The Monkey."

I know my mother would be so excited to know that we have continued to carry on her traditions after all these years and is now continuing with a third generation owner, my daughter, Alexandria Scianna.  Our family's goal is to offer you an incredible dining experience.  We want to THANK YOU because we would not be here 53 years without our customer's loyal patronage!


- Ross Scianna





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